When you call to make an appointment I may ask you some questions.  It could be best if your child isn’t listening in but not essential – let me know if he/she is present.  I like to know what behaviors or concerns prompted you to call and what the birth experience was like from your point of view (it may different from your child’s point of view!)

When you arrive we will spend time settling in, letting your child find their comfort level.  It can take time for me to negotiate contact and I try to keep the space calm and welcoming.  It is really helpful when parents stay present and relaxed, allowing their own inner pace to settle and open into spaciousness.   Ideally one child at a time works well so parents can give their full attention to the one receiving the work.  If that can’t be arranged, siblings are welcome of course.

Please, no electronics! (cell phones, iPads, email, texting etc).  We are building a holding field together for your child.  Your presence is an important part of the session.  Our children’s nervous systems continue developing after birth and mirror the functioning of their primary caregiver’s.   Hey, no pressure!  Children don’t need a perfect parent! They need one who can adapt to life’s situations in creative ways. So this appointment can be a time for you to down regulate and decompress as well -or  rest and up regulate if that’s what you need.

I look forward to your visit and and am grateful for your trust in me to spend this precious time with your child.